Dustin Morgan is a Los Angeles based composer best known for his work on  Faith Based (2020), Fear, Inc. (2016), and Painkillers (2018). His music has also appeared in films such as Flock of Four (2017), In Bloom (2013), Forgiveness is a Weapon (2013), The Amateur (2014), and The Reach of Resonance (2010). Full Credits

Multi-instrumentalist Morgan combines his Post Rock pedigree with an orchestral sound developed while studying under Grammy award winning orchestrator/arranger Victor Vanacore to create modern, unique, and emotive music that crosses genres and is equally suited to the cinematic and the intimate.

He is currently composing the score for the upcoming TV movie, Captain Karl’s Institute for the Abnormally Bizzare (Filming).

Music from the film: Faith Based
Music from the film: Fear, Inc.
Music from the film: Painkillers
Music from the film: The Reach of Resonance
Music from the podcast: The Looking Glass